It is also common for elder people to get or pick something from the floor or when they are carrying their grandchildren on their arms or back. It is a natural occurrence that sometimes they will feel the pain in their back. Aside from that, people can’t even concentrate much on their work when they are feeling pain and having this severe back pain for many days. North York chiropractor suggested to their clients that no matter how little or strong the pain that they are suffering whether that is a headache or body pain and even abdominal pain. There should be a proper action and solution to that. Consult your nearest hospital or clinic or you may call your personal or family doctor for an appointment. Preventing it from being severe is what we like utmost. Taking too much painkiller tablet or capsule would not be a healthy one to consider in cases that you almost take it every day. You have to think deeper of the side effects that it can bring to your mental health and even to your different body organs and cells. It is fine to have it when there is a severe case. Here are some of the natural and skin cream that you can use whenever you feel that you are going to have a back pain. 

  1. You can take some vitamins that is enriched with a lot of vitamins like A, B, C with iron and of course magnesium. This will help you to keep your bones and muscles stronger and better. You can take this one with your daily balanced diet meals. You need to exercise as well along with these proper meals and supplements.  
  1. You may use the skin and body ointment that has comfrey in its content. It will help you to feel better and have a good condition whenever you are experiencing the pain in your body. It is commonly used for pains or aches and natural remedy for those skins with burns and even the joints inflammation 
  1. You can even take some herbal supplement from the root of the Devil’s claw plant. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals. The root part of it is being dried under the sun and you can boil it after and drink the liquid of it.  
  1. When we are a kid. Our parents would always remind us to drink milk so that we will grow taller and have healthier bones. But aside from that, it helps also to make the enamel of our teeth even stronger and get away from cavities.  
  1. You may also take some capsules that contain omega-three with fatty acids. A lot of people from America considered this a helpful supplement to make themselves better whenever they are having pains in the body. 
  1. The one that is coming from ginger but it has a different look and characteristic. It is called turmeric. It fights different diseases and good for the health as well.